Francesca Ardizzola

Abruzzo Segreto was created during the Spring of 2005, from an idea of Francesca Ardizzola, in the ancient Medieval village of Navelli, at a time where tourism was not a yet a thing.

Francesca was born in North of Italy, having an Abruzzese mum (from Navelli), who emigrated in the 1960s. Although the life was nice and good for the Ardizzola family, between Piedimont and Liguria, the ancient village of Navelli was the place where Francesca’s heart was, where she would spend every summer time enjoying nature and peasant life style. The old stone-made building of Granma Luigia was the actual home where Francesca would find herself every summer.

At the age of 30, Francesca gives up her life in Milan, where she was running a 6-years long business of ancient books and antiques, to change completely her life. Far from the glamour life style of the big city, she makes the decision to go back to the ancient village she belongs to and that she visited every summer ever since she was a child. She would buy an ancient building of the 19th century surrounded by a beautiful private garden – in the 19th century the building used to be the Studio of the Doctor of Navelli.

The experience in the city provided Francesca with professional experience, knowledge of the languages and a skill set that made it easier to start up the Bed & Breakfast idea.

Right after Francesca started her business, many others similar businesses started up in the region, boosting up a good quality touristic industry.

Since the beginning, Abruzzo Segreto was one of those internationally recognized B&Bs, also recommended by relevant guide of the sector like Michelin Guide. In Italy it was also suggested by the Italian Club Touring Guide, from whom Abruzzo Segreto bed rooms get rewarded every year with the Premio Stanze Italiane TCI, since 2012. Il Bed&Breakfast Abruzzo Segreto is also rewarded with the Certificate of Excellence for the Quality of the service offered to its customers by Tripadvisor, as well as other popular booking websites.Francesca Ardizzola

Awesome discovery was finding out that, in over 12 years of touristic activity in Abruzzo, Abruzzo Segreto’s customers vary a lot for nationality, and types of traveler: people who visited Abruzzo Segreto were third generation gran children of emigrants from Abruzzo, that would come back to discover their origins; botanical international experts visiting the region to monitor the blooming of rare orchids species that grow on the mountains around; ornithologists, entomologists, people who love trekking in the nature or expert alpinists who enjoy the highest peaks of Abruzzo. There were also actors, Italian and International film troupes (even from Bollywood), interested in the fascinating locations of the beautiful outdoors of L’Aquila, to be perfect locations for unforgettable movies.

The location of Abruzzo Segreto Bed & Breakfast is perfectly mid way between the natural attractions of the Abruzzo Region, that vary from from beautiful landscapes to historic architectures, from arts to extra sensorial experiences of local food recipes, jealously preserved in the authentic and traditional way. Francesca accepted the challenge: preserve the ancient heart of Navelli, with its culture, simple and high quality life, and share it with her guests, also through modern approaches that take the past of Abruzzo to a bright future.