Navelli is a fantastic starting point for making different excursions.

Navelli uno dei borghi più belli d'Italia

You can visit the medieval villages in the L’Aquila areas of Navelli, like Capestrano and the famous Romanesque church of San Pietro ad Oratorium, Castel del monte, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castelvecchio Calvisio, and the evocative Rocca Calascio.

You can quickly arrive from here to Bominaco and see its castle and its Abbey: the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Oratory of San Pellegrino with its magnificent frescoes.

You can also discover our ancient history by visiting the archaeological excavations that have given important findings including the famous Warrior of Capestrano which is the symbol of Abruzzo. We recommend the following sites: Peltuinum, Fossa vestina Necropolis (Aveja – small Stonehenge of Abruzzo), Amiternum and Alba Fucens.

Your tour can not miss a visit to the magnificent plain of Campo Imperatore and maybe try your hand in the Gran Sasso climb and maybe get to the coveted summit of Corno Grande.

Your holiday can continue with a nature canoe trip on the river Tirino, visit the wildlife area of the Wolf or even make a dive in the Lake of Capodacqua, the lake of the mills.

From our B&B you can easily reach the beautiful Caves Grotte di Stiffe and discover in them the magnificent fountains and cascades of the river that is still going through and then maybe visit the nearby lake for swimming Sinizzo nestled in the midst of nature.

Francesca is one wine and olive oil sommelier of Italy and she is expert on where you should go to visit and also where you can eat or buy high quality local food in Abruzzo. She will advise you with itineraries, naturalistic, cultural and gastronomic tour with map and brochure.